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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7:46 PM

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Zoning Hearing, Thursday July 26, 7th & Taylor

Re: Case 2006SP-075U-08, Map 081-12, Parcel(s) 441, Subarea 8 (2002), Council District 19 (Wallace)

Ed Swinger, the owner of the property at the southwest corner of 7th and Taylor, is for the third time asking for a re-zoning from R6 to SP. His plan describes four single-family homes on .18 acre. At the Second Reading before the Metro Council last November, he and his sponsor, Ludyue Wallace, agreed to re-submit his plan to the Planning Commission for approval and to meet with the neighbors about the project.

To this date, he has not attempted to contact the neighborhood.

The hearing will be held Thursday, July 26 at 4p.m. at Metro Southeast Building 1417 Murfreesboro Pike in the Green Hills Conference Room.

Planning commission meetings are listed on the Planning Commission agenda page.
There, you can see the agenda [PDF] and the staff recommendations [PDF] for this meeting.

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7:43 PM

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Farmers' Market Newsletter

Plenty of events going on at the Farmer's Market!

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7:40 PM

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District 19 Council Candidates Debate

JULY 26, 2007: 6 p.m.-7:15 p.m.

District 19 Council Candidates will participate in a community forum/council debate at St. Vincent de Paul School in North Nashville. A moderator will be present and the audience can ask questions.

1704 Heiman Street ยท Nashville, TN 37208

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7:38 PM

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More Local Favorites

Update: Angelo Formosa's Foods does not do retail business while school is in session
Pam Boylan writes with her own addition to Teresa's local favorites:
Just last week my husband Jason stepped in to Angelo M Formosa's Foods (1300 4th Ave N 254-1416) to let them know about his house calls business. He found out that you can shop in there as well!
So, I got my big radio flyer wagon and walked right down the alley. You need to arrive M-F before 12 noon because I think they close the gates after that. This is a warehouse that ships to the grocery stores (kind of like the Floral Shop). I got 3 pineapples, half a dozen apples, a bunch of celery, 2 avocados, an onion, and I think one more thing for under $15 dollars! And...they were the best tasting pineapples and avocados I've ever had!
So another local place besides farmer's markets to get fresh fruits and veggies. Family owned and have been in business for a long time...They will also do a veggie or fruit gift basket if needed (not sure of the cost on that one). So check it out on the corner of 4th and Monroe...we were very happy with the fruits and veggies there. Ask for Pam if she's there...she was very helpful and wonderful. They were so tickled that I came with my wagon that they asked to take a picture to put on their wall! Great little place right in our neighborhood that I've driven by forever and never knew what was inside

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

4:55 PM

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Car Crimes

There were two incidences of car crimes reported last week.
Nancy Hardway wrote to let us know about an incident on Monroe St.:
My nephew Michael Bridges' Camero was stolen last night about 10:30 or 11:00, over on 4th. He had just come home, and was in the process of unloading his car, and "poof" it was gone. He did not leave the keys in it. The police did not get there for some time because of the crowd downtown. Hopefully, this was just a "4th of July thing", and is not indicative of things to come...

Anthony Cherry's truck (on 5th Ave) was broken into this week.


4:52 PM

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Political Debate - Candidates for Metro Council District 19

Political Debate
Candidates for Metro Council District 19

Tuesday, July 10th
6:30 p.m.
Assumption School at 7th Ave North and Monroe

All neighbors welcome!

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4:22 PM

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Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry

The Tennessee Internet Crime Information Center (TICIC) consists of toll free number and multiple web pages that are all designed to educate citizens about potential threats to the community. There, you can search the Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry.

Here is a quick link to perfom a Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry search in zipcode 37208. Results are sorted alphabetically.

There is also a service to show Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry results on a map.


4:18 PM

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New Neighbor: Bryan Robert Eckerd, Jr.

In June, the Eckerd family welcomed Bryan Robert Eckerd, Jr. into the world! Congratulations to Brian & Nancy!

2:23 PM

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One Neighbor's Favorite Local Shops

Teresa Blackburn of 5th Ave, sent in this report of some of her favorite shops that are right around the corner.

These are things I would like to share with others in the neighborhood that I think make our neighborhood and its environs a nicer place to live. As I find out about new, additional shopping opportunities I will send them along to share.

  1. "Lazzaroli's" is now open on the 1300 block of 5th Avenue - selling homemade Raviolis, fresh pasta noodles & sauces, cheeses, olive oils and pre-made pasta meals to go that just need to popped into the oven or microwave for dinner. Hours : 10 am until 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Another chance to eat local!
  2. Fans of "Fire Finch" in Hillsboro Village - a chic, fun, art, clothing, housewares, jewelry, Nashvillian-owned shopping experience - will be very happy to know they are opening a new store downtown on the corner of 3rd and Church the week after 4th of July week...they will carry even more home decorating items in the new store including Jonathan Adler! More information to come.
  3. Did you know that you can buy fresh flowers 6 days a week from our local floral wholesaler on 3rd Ave? All you have to do is tell them you live in the neighborhood and they will sell to you...they have fantastic choices, many walk-in coolers and are open until noon on Saturday. Prices are the best. "Metro Floral Wholesale", 1119 3rd Avenue North.
  4. "Christie Cookies" - 1205 3rd Avenue North - now sells retail out of their corporate headquarters - you
    can just walk into their lobby and purchase a selection of cookies and brownies between 9am and 4pm weekdays. The brownies heated in the microwave or oven with a scoop of ice cream is fantastic!
  5. If you love coffee and dream of the day when we will have our own little coffee corner here in Germantown then this might interest you. "The Standard" (of the restaurant The Standard) has opened a "cafe" at 162 8th Avenue North (inside the MadMod building). Free easy parking on both sides of the building, hours are great - 7am until 3pm Monday thru Saturday..they have regular coffee, expresso and
    its many variations, pastries, salads, sandwiches, hot & cold teas, etc... very artistic tables & chairs, seating outside in nice
    weather, await you! We have been a few times and the coffee is delicious, the service fast and again keeps it local! It's also a
    nice walk on Saturday morning.

Thanks Teresa Blackburn, World Shopper