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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

3:19 PM

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City’s Second Dog Park Opened at Warner Parks

Edwin Warner Park is the site of Metro’s latest Dog Park. The two-acre, fenced area is located on the west side of Vaughn Gap Road, and is open until 11 p.m. Although dog parks were a part of the Mayor’s Master Plan for Parks and Greenways, the unparalleled popularity and heavy demand for the facilities was seen by Metro’s Parks Department shortly after the opening of the Shelby Dog Park in East Nashville.

Although leashes aren’t required, there are rules at all Metro Dog Parks. These rules help ensure that the park remains safe, healthy, and friendly.
Park hours are posted at the entrance. If it’s closed, don’t use it.

Always, always dispose of your dog’s waste in the trash receptacles. Dog waste bags are provided in the park.

Dogs must be wearing current rabies and identification tags at all times. Dogs must be leashed before entering and exiting the fenced area. Dogs that become aggressive must be leashed and removed from the park immediately. Owners are legally responsible for their dog and any injuries caused by the dog.

The following are not permitted:
Dogs in heat
Dogs under four months of age
Dogs without supervision
Food of any kind
Glass containers

Each owner is permitted to bring no more than two dogs. Have a leash on hand for each dog at all times. All children entering the dog park must be accompanied by an adult and supervised by them.

How to Use a Dog Park
Leash dog before exiting the car and keep your dog leashed until inside the park.

Enter only at the double-gated entry vestibule. Once through the first gate, unleash dog and proceed through the second gate into the active field.

You must actively monitor your dog. If you’re absorbed in conversation or napping, you won’t know if you need to pick up your dog’s waste or if your dog becomes aggressive – both of which are your responsibility.

Exit the same way you entered, remembering to leash your dog before leaving the vestibule.
Metro Parks currently operated two Dog Parks. The Shelby Dog Park is located immediately behind the Shelby Park Community Center at 20th and Boscobel streets in East Nashville. From Interstate 24 (near the downtown coliseum), exit east on Shelby Avenue. Continue east for twenty blocks and you’ll see the center to your left. Parking lots are located to the north of the center or immediately below the tennis courts to the south. The dog park is just behind the center. The Shelby Dog Park is open from dawn until 8 p.m.

The Warner Dog Park is located in Edwin Warner Park on the west side of Vaughn Road, just south of Old Hickory Boulevard (across from the Steeplechase). The facility is open from dawn until dusk.

The Metro Parks Department is excited about providing a growing number of dog parks. All of our parks are dog friendly, if the following rules are followed.
Dogs must be restrained by a leash not to exceed six feet in length.

Leashed or not, dogs are not permitted in playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, fenced ball fields, or any posted facility.

You must always pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

For more information, on Metro Dog Parks log on to http://www.nashville.gov/parks/dog_page.htm or call 862-8400.

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3:14 PM

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The Fourth and The Farmers Market

Are you ready for the Fourth of July?
We have delicious watermelons of all types- but get them early; they are in short supply this year!

Peaches and more peaches, use them in pies, fried pies or my favorite- ice cream!
Tennessee produce is arriving every day!
We have all the usual produce but also have some exotic produce.
Greens, cabbage, squash, blackberries, green and red plums, potatoes, sweet and hot banana peppers, cantaloupes, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, beets, snap beans and more!
Want something a little different?
How about starburst or patty pan squash, Zahra zucchini or even the Eight Ball zucchini, just ask Randy for the recipe!

Go see Tammy for fresh breads and watch her shell beans in front of you. This weekend she will be cooking up a storm and letting you sample her beans, they are tasty!
Every weekend, we have different foods outside, just look for the lemonade stand and the funnel cakes!

Eating healthy this weekend? Try salmon with a little lemon and soy sauce, all available in the market.

Or stop by the meat market and pick up a steak or some of their delicious biscuits!

Need a unique gift, visit Sampson in the Flea Market and have him air brush a caricature on a T-shirt.

Or check out the booths that are selling wonderful aromatic oils.

Stop by and visit us on the way home…..

We are on Eighth Avenue North, next to Bicentennial Mall -the produce area is open until 6:00 PM.

Thanks for shopping with us and we hope to see you again soon.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

3:21 PM

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2005 Homes Tour Press Release -- from HeLen Walker

4th Annual Historic Germantown Neighborhood Nashville Homes & Garden Tour

On Saturday afternoon, October 8, the 4th annual Historic Germantown Neighborhood Homes & Garden Tour will showcase a unique and dynamic neighborhood with a variety of housing options and interesting architecture. You will see staircases aand stained glass, gardens and grand entrances, fireplaces and front porches. You will understand why professors, board members, preservation experts, professionals, families, natives, and many others choose to live in this fantastic urban neighborhood. The biggest sellinig point of Germantown, however, is the neighborhood itself and the quality of life that brews from within. The tour will feature 15 homes and 6 gardens. Germantown, located north of Bicentennial Mall, is one of Nashville's oldest districts.

The event benefits the Historic Germantown Neighborhood Association; a 501(c)(3) desiginated non-profit organization. Proceeds fron this event are used for preservation and improvements in Historic Germantown.

The 26th annual Oktoberfest Festival will also be October 8, 2005. This festival features great food, three musical stages, a 5-K Run/Walk, and numerous craft booths with working craftsmen. The festival is free.

Homes Tour Ticket Price - $12.00

Homes Tour Hours - 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Advance tickets may be purchased with a credit card by calling 255-7325. Advanced tickets can be picked up the day of the tour at the Oktoberfest Main Information Booth.

Tickets will be available the day of the event, Oct. 8th, beginning at 10:00AM at the Oktoberfest Main Information Booth, at the intersection of Monroe & 7th Avenue.

You must show your ticket to enter any of the homes & gardens. Free parking and free shuttle rides will be available.

For more information please call 615-255-7325 or e-mail hwalker@nashville.net.

HeLen Walker - Tour Chairperson

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

3:11 PM

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William Stetar Returns Home! -- from Kacky Fell

William Stetar is back at home! He’s still going to rehab sessions but now it’s on an outpatient basis, and he’s doing really well. I know we all breathe a sigh of relief – along with his parents, Bill & Lisa, and brother, Nicholas – that he’s back in the neighborhood “full time”.

Thanks to all of you who have donated money to help purchase William a portable DVD player. Those of you who have contributed have been very generous! In order to get what we really want, we need about $75 - $100 dollars over what I have and what has been “pledged”. I’m planning to get everything taken care of this week, so if you haven’t contributed and would like to, please bring me your money before Friday. You can drop it off at my place, 1208 7th Avenue any time. If I’m not here, just put it through the mail slot in the door on the front porch.

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1:42 PM

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Jazz At The Mall

There will be another in the series of Jazz concerts at the Bicentennial Mall ampitheater on Sunday, July 17 at 6pm. Free admission.

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1:41 PM

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Concert at Assumption Church

The Nashville Chamber Players will present a concert on Sunday, June 26 at 2:30 pm. Selections will include music for clarinet, flute, strings and pipe organ. Everyone is invited and admission is free.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

9:00 AM

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Mattress for sale

ASKING $200.00 or BO

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8:59 AM

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Queen-size futon for sale

Well Cared For, Great Shape
Rosewood Frame
Extra Firm Wool Deluxe 6" Mattress
Futon Cover
2 Throw Pillows
Original Price: $750.00
Asking $175.00 or BO

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8:58 AM

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Live Jazz Next Weekend -- from Robert Spencer

I'm writing to tell you about two events happening next weekend. First,
our next "Snap on 2 & 4" will be Friday, June 24, at 8:00PM and will feature
pianist/composer Chris Walters along with trombonist Roy Agee, drummer Chris
Brown and bassist Dan Immel.

This will also be the first performance on our newly-desinged stage.
Thanks to Dan Strimer, Gary Heddon and all the voluteer labor, the room
sounds even better than it did. Come check it out.

Tickets will go on sale Monday, June 20. They are $10, or $5 for
students with ID.

The next event is the Tennessee jazz and Blues Society's "Concert on the
Lawn". That will be Sunday, June 26, at the Belle Meade Plantation and will
feature Al Delory and Salsa En Nashville - a great 10-piece Afro-Cuban dance
band with vocalist Dalia Garcia. That concert will be at 6:00PM. for further
information go to: www.jazzblues.org

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Friday, June 17, 2005

3:48 PM

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Notices from the NPD Central Precinct

-We are still seeing numerous counterfeit checks being passed that are using Jiffy-Lube and Qwick-Sak as the business. These are high quality fakes, and if a business is given one they should verify them through the listed bank prior to accepting it.

-There is a team of female blacks that are targeting women victims in various stores (Target, Kroger, etc.). They are seeking women who have their purse in the front of the shopping cart and then one person will distract the victim and the other will steal either their purse or the wallet from the purse. At this time we do not have any suspect information other than above.

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1:32 PM

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Sex-Offender Locator -- info provided by Rebecca Hottenstein

Link to Sex-offender locator. Map allows you to zoom on select areas.

News4 story giving details behind the locator

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1:24 PM

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Christmas in July -- July 17 -- from Stacy Mosley

Christmas in July will be held on Sunday, July 17th from 2-4p.m in the Horton-Wallace Garden. Featured charities include the Nashville Humane Association, Family Life Center and Campus for Human Development. Donations will be accepted the day of the event. A list of needed items will be forthcoming.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

10:19 AM

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The Jazz and Blues Festival--June 26-27

From noon til 11 pm OR later. Music stages, food, lots of vendors and plenty of parking. It all takes place on Jefferson Street between 26th and 27th. Bring the family for a street festival you will never forget.Jefferson Street Jazz and Blues Festival Musician Line-Up
12:00 Greg Bryant Quintet
1:00 Waldo Weathers and the Mix
2:00 Gabriel Katona featuring Jazzmin and Peter Moon3:00 Jefferson St. Bluesman
4:00 Joe Johnson
5:00 Les Kerr and the Bayou Band
6:00 Steve Roper
7:00 Denny Jiosa
8:00 Rod Magaha
9:00 Herschal Bailey
10:00 Jefferson St. "All Star Blues Explosion" featuring Johnny Jones, Nix Nixon, Marion James, Billy Cox , Lady Diane

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9:19 AM

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William Stetar Update -- Gift Opportunity -- from Kacky Fell

Hi, Everyone!

I thought you might like an update on how William is doing. He seems to be getting better every day. I went to see him a couple of days ago, and he was sitting up in a chair wearing street clothes. He’s still weak but was looking much better and smiling a lot! Lisa took him, along with their dog Scout, to the Dragon Park for an outing late last week. It sounded like everyone had a great time!

Between therapy sessions at Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital, William is also enjoying watching movies! To let him know that we miss him and wish him a speedy recovery, the neighborhood is planning to buy a portable DVD player for William to use while he’s in the hospital and after he gets back home. Because of the generosity of Germantown neighbors, we’ve already raised quite a bit of money. However, we’d like for as many people as possible to participate so that we can get him a really good player.

If you’d like to contribute to Germantown’s “Fund for William Stetar’s Movie Viewing Pleasure”, please bring your contributions by my place at 1208 7th Avenue North. If I’m not here, you can put the money through the mail slot in the door. It will be safe.

Thanks so much!

Kacky Fell
Hatcher & Fell Photography
1208 7th Avenue North
(615) 255-4420

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