News, events, and bulletins for neighbors living in Historic Germantown, Nashville, TN.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

7:46 PM

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Garden Guzzle Approaching


the Annual Germantown

Garden Guzzle

Sunday, May 21st

2 - 4PM

beginning at

Horton/Wallace Garden at 1231 5th Ave North

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

9:15 PM

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Mosquito Control Backyard Inspection Event

Media Contact: Brent Hager, Metro Public Health Department, 340-5625 or
Brian Todd, 340-2153 or 642-3649 (day of event)


Public Health Backyard Inspection Day to Help

Reduce Mosquito Population

Event Targets Neighborhood with History of High Mosquito Infestation

and West Nile Virus

WHO: Metro Public Health Department staff, area neighborhood
association presidents, community volunteers, and community
organizations will come together for a Backyard Inspection Day to help
residents of a Nashville neighborhood learn how they can take action to
reduce the mosquito population.

WHAT: Backyard Inspection Day volunteers will go door-to-door
offering approximately 200 homeowners backyard inspections to identify
mosquito breeding grounds. In addition to the inspections, homeowners
will learn how to reduce mosquito breeding grounds and to protect
themselves from biting mosquitoes. Fight the Bite brochures will be
provided to adults and a special brochure with mosquito prevention
messages will be available to children.

WHEN: Saturday, May 13th from 9 a.m. to 1p.m.

WHERE: St. Henry's School/Church

6401 Harding Pike, 37205

Backyard Inspection Day will be conducted within the boundaries of
Highway 70 and Highway 100 split and Vaughns Gap Road.

Volunteers will meet at St. Henry's School at
8:30 a.m.

WHY: The targeted neighborhood in the West Meade area was
selected because the area has a history of high infestation of
mosquitoes and West Nile Virus, based on this year and the previous two
years of mosquito trapping by the Metro Public Health Department's Pest
Management Staff. No mosquitoes have tested positive for WNV in the
targeted area so far this year.

The Health Department hopes to use the Backyard
Inspection Day event to remind everyone in Nashville of what they should
do to identify and reduce the mosquito population in their yards and to
protect themselves against mosquito bites.

HOW: The Health Department asks residents within the
targeted area to call 340-2222 to request an inspection of their
property. Inspectors will go first to homes of those who request an

9:14 PM

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Shelby Golf Course

The Metro Parks and Recreation Department will gas the existing greens
at Shelby Golf Course and replant, which will necessitate the temporary
closing of the facility. The course will officially close on Monday,
May 8 and reopen in August 2006. The Shelby Golf Course greens have
degenerated to the point that the main greens consist of what is termed,
"common Bermuda" which is bumpy when cut at the height needed. The
Department will extinguish the existing grass within the guidelines
provided by the EPA and replant with a new hybrid of Bermuda grass that
is intended to be used on golf greens. It will take approximately two
months for these greens to "grow in" to the point they can be used to
putt on. The overall effect will be a quality surface which will be a
great improvement to the golf course. We estimate that 70-80% of the
golfers will play at Ted Rhodes, Two Rivers, or McCabe while Shelby is

Roy Wilson
Metro Parks & Recreation

9:13 PM

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Take A Stroll Through History in Historic Edgefield

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 3, 2006) — From Friday, June 2, through Sunday, June 4, the 31st Annual Tour of Historic Edgefield Home and Gardens will showcase over eight homes reflecting three distinct eras of the neighborhood’s history. They include homes from the Victorian period, post-1916 fire or bungalow homes, and modern infill homes. Several gardens, two historic churches and a tearoom in an “italiante Garden” will be additional highlights. For details, please visit www.historicedgefield.org.

Festivities will begin on Friday, June 2, with a candlelight tour followed by a champagne reception. Between noon and 5 p.m. on June 3 and 4, enjoy a leisurely self-guided tour of home and gardens while learning the neighborhood’s most fascinating historical tales along the way. Tickets are $30 for the entire weekend’s activities including the reception, or $10 for the day tour. Tickets can be purchased on June 3 and 4 at the corner of 5th Street and Fatherland or at the corner of 8th Street and Russell.

On-street parking is available throughout the neighborhood, and transportation will be provided along the tour route. For those walking the tour route, park benches will be placed in front of each tour stop. Take a trip back in time, and experience the rich history found in Historic Edgefield.

CONTACT: Tamara Dickson 615-715-2730

9:06 PM

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Sidewalk Repair

If you are concerned about the state of repair of our historic sidewalks, we urge you to contact Public Works or our councilpersons.

Jody Stone received the following response to her initial inquiries.

Eddie Davidson at Public Works responded:

"It is our policy that when replacing sidewalks, if bricks are currently in place, they are replaced with brick. In order to meet ADA requirements, we mush have the curb ramps made from concrete, but they are otherwise replaced with brick.

Metro Nashville put together a sidewalk strategic plan a number of years ago. The plan allows us to prioritize the work we do in replacing, repairing , or building new sidewalks and is a long term plan that is spread out over multiple years. More information on the plan is available at www.nashville.gov/sidewalks."

Jody researched this topic further and found contradictory information on the Public Works website:

"I have checked the public works web site which can be found at http://pw.nashville.gov/IMS/Sidewalks/FacilityDetails. This site indicated that their is no plan to make repairs in the near future. As well they indicate that the material to be used is concrete. As you will see in the emails below that this is an exact contradiction of what a contact in public works assured me was their policy to replace brick with brick."

9:01 PM

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Fourth Rabid Skunk Found in Davidson County

CONTACTS: Brian Todd, Metro Public Health Department, 340-2153, Judy Ladebauche, Metro Animal Control, 862-7928 or Brent Hager, 340-5653

Skunks' Tests Positive for Rabies Virus in South East Davidson County Neighborhood Fourth Confirmed Rabid Skunk Since January

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 1, 2006 -- Metro Animal Control is encouraging pet owners to make sure their companion animals' rabies' vaccinations are up to date today after a skunk tested positive in an Antioch neighborhood. This is the fourth confirmed rabid skunk in Davidson County since January. The other three confirmed cases were found in the Oak Hill area.

If your pet comes in contact with a skunk or other wildlife contact your veterinarian or Metro Animal Control at 862-7928. Metro Public Health Department strongly advises people to follow the guidelines listed below to prevent families and pets from being exposed to rabies.

* Have your veterinarian vaccinate all cats, dogs, and ferrets against rabies and keep the vaccinations up to date.
* Avoid contact with wild animals or stray cats and dogs.
* Do not feed wild animals or stray cats and dogs.
* Report stray animals to your local animal control agency.
* Eliminate outdoor food sources around the home.
* Keep pets confined to your property or walk them on a leash.

Metro Animal Control is a program of the Metro Public Health Department.

9:01 PM

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Neighborhood Crime Forum

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department will host discussions of crime, enforcement and community involvement in Nashville's neighborhoods.

South Precinct Crime Forum
Thursday, May 25, 6-8 p.m. at the South Precinct
5101 Harding Place

Central Precinct Crime Forum
Monday, June 5, 6-8 p.m. at the Downtown Library
615 Church Street

West Precinct Crime Forum
Thursday, June 8 6-8 p.m. at the West Precinct
6730 Charlotte Pike

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department will host discussions of crime, enforcement and community involvement in Nashville's neighborhoods. If you're interested, please register with Erin Williams at erin.williams@nashville.gov or 880-1810.