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Thursday, January 12, 2006

4:15 PM

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Wanted: Rental in Germantown

A coworker and friend is looking for a place to rent in Germantown. Please e-mail rob_earp@hotmail.com if you have living space available.

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4:13 PM

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Help Ft. Campbell Animal Shelter, from Marilyn Dillihay

This facility is in NEED of CAT assistance! They get more stray cats in then anything, pregnant ones, kittens, declawed and fixed cats with COLLARS... all of these animals were PETS thrown out or that escaped the confines of their home and their owners did not go look for them. They get very few adoptions and need rescue help!


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4:09 PM

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Yoga at Kacky Fell's, taught by Kae Bender

There is a Yoga class meeting at my studio on Sunday nights from 6:30 to 7:30. Our instructor, Kae Bender, how taught for many years and is an excellent teacher. We have all levels of experience and ability participating! If you sign up for an entire month, the cost is $48. Individual classes are $15 a piece.

We can accommodate a few more people in the class. If you are interested and have questions please give me a call. Or if you want to sign up, just come to the studio (1208 7th Avenue) at 6:30 Sunday evening!



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4:07 PM

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Antoinette Welch is running for General Sessions Judge, from Kacky Fell

Hi, Neighbors!

My friend Antoinette Welch is running for General Sessions Judge. Please join me in support of Antoinette’s candidacy at the upcoming “Women for Welch” event on January 24th from 5 to 7 PM. Please note that this is not just for women…men are encouraged and welcome to attend! It will be at my studio - Hatcher & Fell Photography 1208 7th Avenue North. (See attached invitation for details.)

Antoinette– who is both a lawyer and a police officer – has some unique qualifications which will make her a terrific judge. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get to know her, and if you feel so inclined to lend support to her candidacy.

See you on the 24th!

Hatcher & Fell Photography
1208 7th Avenue North
(615) 255-4420

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