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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

9:06 PM

posted by HGN Secretary |

Sidewalk Repair

If you are concerned about the state of repair of our historic sidewalks, we urge you to contact Public Works or our councilpersons.

Jody Stone received the following response to her initial inquiries.

Eddie Davidson at Public Works responded:

"It is our policy that when replacing sidewalks, if bricks are currently in place, they are replaced with brick. In order to meet ADA requirements, we mush have the curb ramps made from concrete, but they are otherwise replaced with brick.

Metro Nashville put together a sidewalk strategic plan a number of years ago. The plan allows us to prioritize the work we do in replacing, repairing , or building new sidewalks and is a long term plan that is spread out over multiple years. More information on the plan is available at www.nashville.gov/sidewalks."

Jody researched this topic further and found contradictory information on the Public Works website:

"I have checked the public works web site which can be found at http://pw.nashville.gov/IMS/Sidewalks/FacilityDetails. This site indicated that their is no plan to make repairs in the near future. As well they indicate that the material to be used is concrete. As you will see in the emails below that this is an exact contradiction of what a contact in public works assured me was their policy to replace brick with brick."