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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

3:11 PM

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William Stetar Returns Home! -- from Kacky Fell

William Stetar is back at home! He’s still going to rehab sessions but now it’s on an outpatient basis, and he’s doing really well. I know we all breathe a sigh of relief – along with his parents, Bill & Lisa, and brother, Nicholas – that he’s back in the neighborhood “full time”.

Thanks to all of you who have donated money to help purchase William a portable DVD player. Those of you who have contributed have been very generous! In order to get what we really want, we need about $75 - $100 dollars over what I have and what has been “pledged”. I’m planning to get everything taken care of this week, so if you haven’t contributed and would like to, please bring me your money before Friday. You can drop it off at my place, 1208 7th Avenue any time. If I’m not here, just put it through the mail slot in the door on the front porch.

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