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Sunday, July 08, 2007

2:23 PM

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One Neighbor's Favorite Local Shops

Teresa Blackburn of 5th Ave, sent in this report of some of her favorite shops that are right around the corner.

These are things I would like to share with others in the neighborhood that I think make our neighborhood and its environs a nicer place to live. As I find out about new, additional shopping opportunities I will send them along to share.

  1. "Lazzaroli's" is now open on the 1300 block of 5th Avenue - selling homemade Raviolis, fresh pasta noodles & sauces, cheeses, olive oils and pre-made pasta meals to go that just need to popped into the oven or microwave for dinner. Hours : 10 am until 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Another chance to eat local!
  2. Fans of "Fire Finch" in Hillsboro Village - a chic, fun, art, clothing, housewares, jewelry, Nashvillian-owned shopping experience - will be very happy to know they are opening a new store downtown on the corner of 3rd and Church the week after 4th of July week...they will carry even more home decorating items in the new store including Jonathan Adler! More information to come.
  3. Did you know that you can buy fresh flowers 6 days a week from our local floral wholesaler on 3rd Ave? All you have to do is tell them you live in the neighborhood and they will sell to you...they have fantastic choices, many walk-in coolers and are open until noon on Saturday. Prices are the best. "Metro Floral Wholesale", 1119 3rd Avenue North.
  4. "Christie Cookies" - 1205 3rd Avenue North - now sells retail out of their corporate headquarters - you
    can just walk into their lobby and purchase a selection of cookies and brownies between 9am and 4pm weekdays. The brownies heated in the microwave or oven with a scoop of ice cream is fantastic!
  5. If you love coffee and dream of the day when we will have our own little coffee corner here in Germantown then this might interest you. "The Standard" (of the restaurant The Standard) has opened a "cafe" at 162 8th Avenue North (inside the MadMod building). Free easy parking on both sides of the building, hours are great - 7am until 3pm Monday thru Saturday..they have regular coffee, expresso and
    its many variations, pastries, salads, sandwiches, hot & cold teas, etc... very artistic tables & chairs, seating outside in nice
    weather, await you! We have been a few times and the coffee is delicious, the service fast and again keeps it local! It's also a
    nice walk on Saturday morning.

Thanks Teresa Blackburn, World Shopper