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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7:38 PM

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More Local Favorites

Update: Angelo Formosa's Foods does not do retail business while school is in session
Pam Boylan writes with her own addition to Teresa's local favorites:
Just last week my husband Jason stepped in to Angelo M Formosa's Foods (1300 4th Ave N 254-1416) to let them know about his house calls business. He found out that you can shop in there as well!
So, I got my big radio flyer wagon and walked right down the alley. You need to arrive M-F before 12 noon because I think they close the gates after that. This is a warehouse that ships to the grocery stores (kind of like the Floral Shop). I got 3 pineapples, half a dozen apples, a bunch of celery, 2 avocados, an onion, and I think one more thing for under $15 dollars! And...they were the best tasting pineapples and avocados I've ever had!
So another local place besides farmer's markets to get fresh fruits and veggies. Family owned and have been in business for a long time...They will also do a veggie or fruit gift basket if needed (not sure of the cost on that one). So check it out on the corner of 4th and Monroe...we were very happy with the fruits and veggies there. Ask for Pam if she's there...she was very helpful and wonderful. They were so tickled that I came with my wagon that they asked to take a picture to put on their wall! Great little place right in our neighborhood that I've driven by forever and never knew what was inside

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