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Sunday, October 16, 2005

1:28 PM

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Traffic Study

The HGN Board considered applying for a Traffic Study to determine general use of neighborhood streets. In order to qualify for the full study and solutions, the neighborhood would have to experience a minimum of 50% cut-through traffic. The Board feels it is unlikely that the neighborhood experiences such a high percentage, however there is no downside in applying to see if we qualify. Even if we do no qualify for the program, we can still show eligibility to receive other traffic-calming measures such as increased police presence, stops signs, and flashing speed-limit signs.

Businesses in the neighborhood will be put on notice of HGN’s application so that they will know to expect a heightened police presence in the area during the evaluation period.

Intersections of particular concern in the neighborhood have been identified as 3rd and Van Buren, 5th and Taylor, 7th and Monroe, 3rd between Jefferson and Madison, and 5th and Madison. Neighbors are encouraged to share other problem intersections with the Board by relaying their concerns through Rob Earp at rob_earp@hotmail.com.

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