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Monday, September 12, 2005

10:45 PM

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More info on helping our guests affected by Katrina, from Pam Boylan

Several of you have called wanting to do whatever you can to help our neighbor Annie and her family from Mississippi who have lost their home to Katrina. This is why Jason and I moved to this neighborhood. I've never met more generous and compassionate people! Here's what we have worked out to keep help as organized as possible:

We have created a "hot meals" list at Stephanie Moore's house at 310 Taylor Street. This is the brand new greenish triplex right at the corner of 4th and Taylor. Stephanie has a sign up sheet on her side door (which sits right off of Taylor, go up the wood stairs to her side porch). Meals are taken care of up until Monday night, but after that we need neighbors to bring hot meals to the family. We have also created a category to say what you are bringing, that way the family is not eating too much of the same thing! Please go by Stephanie's and sign up to help this family with a hot meal. While talking to Annie she has stressed that it is , very hard to try to cook with so many kiddos running around and babies crying, so they need all the help they can get!

We also are taking cash donations (which you can slide through Stephanie's mail slot at 310 Taylor. Please put in an envelope to keep it together. You are more than welcome to make an anonymous donation if you wish but we would love to know who to thank afterward!). So far just in our little area of neighbors around 4th and Taylor we have raised over $450 for the family. Stephanie mentioned that others are trying to find a temporary home for the young family, so we are hoping that any future donations could go for rent assistance.

Stephanie Moore at 310 Taylor is our new neighbor and has been instrumental in setting up and organizing this help for the family. As you can tell already she is a complete asset to our neighborhood. Stephanie has been checking on the family each day. If you have any questions or ideas on how we can help this family further please call Stephanie at home at 584-3082. If you need her immediately, you can contact her at her work at 373-9600.

Thank you again for all of the neighbors who have not hesitated to call and see how they can help. Don't we have a great community?

Pam Boylan

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