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Thursday, September 08, 2005

8:16 PM

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Please help the Katrina victims seeking shelter in Germantown, from Pam Boylan

Calling all neighbors. Here's another way you can help with hurricane Katrina victims. Our neighbor Annie (lives on the corner of 4th and Taylor in the gray house) recently had baby Olivia three weeks ago. As we all know this is very stressful. However, last night around 1am her sister Dana (with her three children ages 7, 14 months, and 3 months) came from Mississippi as their home was lost in the hurricane. They literally have NOTHING and are in dire need of whatever we can help them with (clothes, food, toys). Our neighbor Stephanie who lives catty-corner to Annie is going to Old Navy to get a $100 Gift Certificate for the family, and especially for the 7 year old boy as he will have to start school very soon. So here is what we are trying to do: 1) please donate at least $5 for the Gift Certificate for the family; if we get more than $100 we'll go back and get another gift certificate for them; 2) help the family with food, groceries, any toys that the kids can play with; and lastly, 3) we'd like to coordinate a hot meal once a day for the family, so any volunteers can get with me and I'll get this organized.

Our neighbor in need's name is Annie and her phone number is 477-5097. Please call her and set up times to bring stuff over. Donations for the gift card can be sent to Stephanie at 310 Taylor Street. If you'd like to coordinate a hot meal a day, email me at boylanjpj@comcast.net or call at 664-1157. I will work with Annie and set up a time so she does not feel overwhelmed.

Thank you neighbors for all of your help! This is two single moms with 4 YOUNG children and we need to rally around them!

Pam Boylan
308 Taylor Street

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