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Sunday, August 05, 2007

10:40 PM

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United Methodist Church: Backpack Collection Drive

In Tennessee, 291,000 children live in poverty. Tennessee ranks 47th among the states in the well being of children.

You are invited …

Without our help, many children will begin school August 13 without the basic supplies they need. For many years, the people of Monroe Street United Methodist Church in Germantown have collected backpacks bursting with notebooks, paper, pencils, and crayons so that more children could have a bright start. This year, we invite our neighbors in Germantown to join us in this important effort.

If you’re willing to help, fill a backpack or two or three with the supplies listed below and drop them off by August 19th to one of the locations below:
· Monroe Street United Methodist Church, corner of 7th and Monroe, any Sunday morning from 9 to 11
· Werthan Lofts #407, Sam Nugent, Todd Stutts
· 1320 7th Avenue North, Robert and Tina Benson
· 506 Monroe Street, Nancy Hardaway

This list of supplies was developed by a Metro 3rd grade teacher:
· backpack
· pencils- 24 count at least
· supply box, small
· spiral notebooks, 2-4
· notebook paper, 2-4 packs
· crayons, 24 count
· colored pencils
· scissors
· glue bottle
· glue sticks
· folders, 2 with prongs and pockets, 2 without prongs, but with pockets
· 1 inch 3 ring notebook

It is not essential that the packs be filled with every item on the list, but it certainly is helpful when they are.

Optional, but fun:
· small pencil sharpener, highlighters, pencil grips, ruler, markers

The packs will be delivered to the Board of Education and then distributed to schools most in need. Thank you for your help with this worthwhile cause!