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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

7:24 PM

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Construction at 4th and Monroe

Stacy Mosley has a message for residents around 4th Monroe:
I'm sure you have all been early risers this week with construction begin at 5:15 AM. Please know that we have talked to Randy, developer, and he has been very cooperative with a later start time. Legally, it looks like they can begin at 6AM Monday thru Saturday (see Metro codes below)
16.44.030 Construction sites--Restrictions.
It is unlawful for any person engaged in the construction, repair or
demolition of buildings, structures, land, driveways or appurtenances
thereto located within or adjoining a residential zone district within the
area of the metropolitan government, including transportation of materials
to and from a construction site, between the hours of nine p.m. and six
a.m., to emit, cause to be emitted, or permit the emission of any noise in
excess of seventy Db(A) from construction equipment as measured from a point
as close as possible to the outside walls of any residential structure
located on the property affected by the noise at a height of four feet above
the immediate surrounding surface.
(Prior code § 11-1-17.10(a))

16.44.040 Exemptions.
The following activities shall be exempt from the requirements of Section
A. Highway, bridge, road, street, dredging in navigable waters, or other
public works construction activities, utility work such as water, sewer,
gas, electrical or telephone construction activities and any vehicles used
to transport materials to and from such construction activities, so long as
the vehicles remain within the highway, road, street or construction
right-of-way or easement;
B. Emergency work;
C. Transporting and unloading of construction materials, other than blast
materials, between five a.m. and six a.m.
(Prior code § 11-1-17.10(b))

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