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Sunday, December 10, 2006

9:08 PM

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7th and Taylor Proposed Development

The proposed development at 7th & Taylor (just south of Werthan Mills), will be on the Nashville Planning Commission agenda for Dec 14th [PDF] (this Thursday). The Staff Reports for Dec 14th [PDF] are available now. It is Case 2006SP-075U-08. The plan is to build five (5) single-family homes on 0.18 acre.

The Neighborhood Board has taken a position opposing this development in line with its ongoing position against zoning changes which have not received approval from the Phillips-Jackson Design Review Board.

You can help by writing to the Planning Commission and/or our Councilman (ludye.wallace@nashville.gov).

We are bringing this case to your attention for a few reasons:
  • the plans have not been approved by the Design Review board
  • the plans have been unanimously disapproved once before by the Planning Commission and have not been updated
  • neighbors who have reviewed the plans, including residents of 7th Ave, oppose the development because it is not in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood

We encourage you to express your opinion on this matter. Urban development in our neighborhood affects all neighbors and deserves our continued attention. You can do this in several ways, including
If you do send a message to the Planning Commission on this topic, it will be forwarded on to the planner to be included in the file. Your comments will also be included in a package of public comments to be given to the Planning Commission at its meeting next Thursday.

If you do attend this Planning Comiccion meeting and intend to voice your opinion, be sure to fill out a Consent to Speak form at 4 P.M. next Thursday so that the staff knows that you wish to speak on this item. The commision provides a tip sheet on speaking before the Commission [PDF].

If you are interested in activities of the Planning Commission now or in the future, you can view their calendar and the 2006 agenda.

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