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Friday, March 23, 2007

12:26 PM

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Reminder: Don't Forget Your Friends with Foliage

New Additions to our Arboretum

As you know, with thanks to the Arboretum committee, Historic Germantown has thirty-six new trees this year. But, this season, they need water more than ever!

This is especially true because these past winter months have been officially declared the driest in a century.

Please Water the Trees

Walking about the neighborhood, you will see fourteen new flowering Yoshino
Cherries. Also, the Maples are sending out leaf buds and the Crepe Myrtles will come along soon.

All those trees need a good long drink on a regular basis. So, if there is a tree in front of your home, please take a moment to give it some water and keep the neighborhood green!

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