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Monday, November 27, 2006

10:09 PM

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Leaf Pickup Schedule

Beginning Tuesday, November 28, Public Works crews will travel Metro’s 12 brush routes picking up bagged leaves left at the curb or in alleys. Crews will make a second sweep of the routes in January.

You should have bagged leaves out by the first day of collection in your area, use only paper or plastic biodegradable bags, and place them where your trash is collected. Satellite cities (Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Berry Hill, Lakewood and Goodlettsville) are not included in Metro’s leaf collection program.

There are several ways to dispose of leaves. They can be mulched in place by a lawn mower, piled up in your yard for composting, or set out in bags for Metro’s collection service. Whatever you choose to do, please don’t rake your leaves into the street where they may plug up storm drains or cause other problems.

Until the end of December, you can also take bagged leaves to Metro’s Bordeaux mulch facility at 1400 County Hospital Road free of charge. If your leaves are bagged in plastic, please plan to take the bags back home with you. Plastic bags will not be accepted with your leaves. In January, there will be a minimal charge to dispose of bagged leaves.

For more information, call 880-1000, or visit www.nashville.gov/recycle for a more complete list of leaf collection guidelines.