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Sunday, July 09, 2006

2:54 PM

posted by HGN Secretary |

ALERT: Gang activity in vicinity of Taylor St.

Michael Darling wrote in with a warning about criminal activity in the area:
I am taking this opportunity to alert and forewarn Germantown neighbors of increased criminal activity that is possibly linked to area street gangs.

I'm no expert on gangs, but I can tell you that many require new "recruits" to inflict random acts of violence or to engage in other crimes to become "fully vested" into the gang's culture and cash flow. From the activity described above, I'd say these urban terrorists are ushering in new recruits this month. Stay safe and be alert,
- Michael Darling

Michael described three incidents in our area:
Incident: Mugging/robbery during week of June 26-30

The youngest son of one of our long-time neighbors was attacked and mugged while walking a round trip to the 8th Avenue Kroger late one night (@ 10 p.m.) from the Taylor Street area. He was attacked in the alley area behind the Mad Platter restaurant. After being beaten with a blunt instument (victim thinks it was a pistol) he staggered home to Taylor St. and was rushed to the ER. Injuries are not life-threatening, but required multiple stiches for a serious headwound.

Description of suspect was vague due to the nature of the attack (hit from behind with blunt object) -- Perp was described as a black male, late teens, early twenties, @ 6ft tall.

All of the victims' groceries and cash were stolen.

Incident: Multiple Car Break-ins at Lose & Assoc. Parking Lot on 5th Avenue North

A neighbor was an eye-witness to a perp breaking into multiple vehicles in the Lose & Assoc. parking lot on 5th Avenue North @ 11:00 pm on July 3rd. Significant damage to cars, several windows smashed. Metro Police arrested the perp @ 5 min after the incident due to 911 call while crime was in progress. Since then, the neighbor has experienced several bizzare series of events, all of which seem to indicate that some sort of possible retaliatory response to the arrest may occur. Metro Police have re-interviewed the neighbor and filed additional reports after she contacted them about a possible retaliation.

Incident: Gang Graffitti in # 202 Alley (between Taylor St. & Monroe St.)

There is graffitti which says "Blood Gang" spray painted on the back of the Lose & Assoc. Building (alley side). For those folks that don't know who the "Bloods" are -- they are the oldest established street gang in Nashville. More details are available in a local news report online.

Thanks for the information, Michael.
Don't forget, our local police have encouraged us to report any incident of crime to the police right away. Even if they are unable to take immediate action, the reports help establish patterns that assist in crime prevention.